Redwood Pharma licenses novel hydrogel drug delivery technology from Broda Technologies

Stockholm, Sweden – Redwood Pharma AB has entered into a licensing agreement with Broda Technologies Co., Ltd., operating in both the US and China, to use the company’s proprietary IntelliGel(R) supramolecular hydrogel technology in its lead chronic Dry Eye therapeutic currently under development and other ophthalmic therapies.  The Broda technology offers many unique competitive benefits.  At lower temperatures, the polymer solution is a free-forming liquid and with low concentrations of polymer, the system can be transitioned to a gel at specific temperatures.  Reversible and transparent, the thermogel offers an ideal platform as a vehicle for sustaining the release of active substances, thereby reducing the total amount, as well as the number of doses administered.

Redwood Pharma will develop new ophthalmic therapies using IntelliGel.  CEO Martin Vidaeus remarked, “IntelliGel offers the ability for Redwood Pharma to meet consumer needs with convenience, safety and efficacy while developing its own products, as well as helping other ophthalmic pharmaceutical companies extend their product franchises with a novel slow-release platform.”

About Redwood Pharma

Redwood Pharma is a clinical pharmaceutical development company whose mission is to offer new ophthalmic therapies where is a clear and unmet need.  Its lead product in development is a new, topical eye drop designed to treat an underlying cause of chronic Dry Eye Disease in post-menopausal women.  Redwood Pharma is managed by experienced professionals with documented success in developing new medicines and is seeking corporate partnerships to help bring our lead product to market and to develop other important therapies.

For more information contact:

Martin Vidaeus, CEO
Redwood Pharma AB
Tel. +46 70 232 29 29