Market Trends Highlighted in Tear Film and Ocular Surface (TFOS) Conference in Montpellier Confirm Need for Redwood Pharmas Dry Eye Therapy

Women make up two thirds of those suffering from Dry Eye Disease (DED). Presentations and scientific results shown at TFOS, which was held between Sep. 7-10 in Montpellier, demonstrated that sex should be considered as a biological parameter, as well as encouraged researchers to better understand the unique needs of women. By focusing on women’s specific needs, new treatments can be developed to better deal with the problem of DED.

The conference revealed that Redwood Pharma’s RP101 appears to be the first therapy targeting a unique biological mechanism in women. The absence of direct competition in terms of mechanism and patient segment strengthens Redwood Pharma’s position in DED drug development.

The Tear Film Ocular Surface (TFOS) organization is the leading group focused on exchanging and sharing information and innovations in Dry Eye Disease (DED). The conference’s focus was to bring together scientists, Key Opinion Leaders, doctors and representatives from nearly all of Big Pharma focused on development and commercialization of therapeutics in ophthalmology. It confirmed the significance of understanding the many different mechanisms of DED, as well as current and novel treatments to diagnose and treat the disease.

”By keeping ourselves abreast of scientific discoveries and other products, we can better develop our own therapy. The conference was very rewarding for us as we again received confirmation that RP101 represents a leading therapy under development to improve women’s health and more specifically, treatment of DED”, says CEO Martin Vidaeus.


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About Redwood Pharma
Redwood Pharma develops ophthalmic products for unmet medical needs. The Company’s first project is the development of drug candidate RP101 with a known active substance against chronic dry eye in postmenopausal women who have moderate to severe symptoms. With the drug delivery platform IntelliGel® the release of active substances is controlled. Through the use of IntelliGel, Redwood Pharma can also improve dosing of other established drugs. Redwood Pharma’s strength lies in formulation and early clinical development. Revenues will be generated through licensing agreements with pharmaceutical companies that have capabilities to manufacture and sell commercial products worldwide.

Redwood Pharma AB (publ.) is listed on AktieTorget, a Swedish Multilateral Trading Facility (Ticker: REDW.ST, ISIN: SE008294789).

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